Hydraulic Workshop Presses

Lots of manufacturers produce workshop presses. But HIDRALMAC’s presses offer more! Numerous features characterise the HIDRALMAC workshop press. We provide a customer-specific production. Presses with special dimensions are also available. Moreover, HIDRALMAC workshop presses provide:

  • Movable cylinders
  • Heavy welded construction
  • Loading from both sides possible
  • Height adjustable table
  • High travel speed (minimum of 7 mm/sec in approach and 17 mm/sec in return)
  • Tools can be assembled in the ram (pins, cones, plates, etc.)
  • Pressure gauge can be read easily
  • Pressure regulator
  • Hand lever pump for slow movement
  • Hand lever for fast approach/return
  • Big oil tank (therefore, less risk of heating)
  • Low height due to elaborate construction
  • High solid paint

plus various accessories like:

  • Table tops
  • Foot control
  • Two hand operating
  • Ram plate
  • Rotary knob for cylinder movement
  • Spin-lock for cylinders
  • Light barriers
  • Faster pump
  • Ejector

Some possible applications for workshop presses include:
Straightening works, ball-bearing assembly/dismantling, forming, bending of steel components, shaft assembly and shaft dismantling, etc.

HIDRALMAC delivers workshop presses with double cylinders and ram plate if requested.

The HIDRALMAC Catalogue

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