Hydraulic C-Frame Press by Hidralmac

Open front presses or C-frame presses are used in different sectors of metal, rubber and plastics processing. C-frames are particularly suitable for the production of straightening presses since they also allow you to load long work pieces from the side.
The structural shape of the c-frame press enables traverse speeds up to 450 mm per second. Therefore, it can compete with the productivity of a mechanical press and provides more flexibility in their range of application at the same time.

Many variations of C-frame presses

Hidralmac offers you a wide variety of c-frame presses. They all have one thing in common: Due to their higher productivity and tool durability they are able to replace mechanical presses (eccentric presses).
You will find separate product entries for different types of c-frame presses on our website. In every product entry you will get information regarding the advantages of these press types. Often there are also videos of the hydraulic presses available.

Open front and double hydraulic presses

Besides the standard PHC we also sell the PHCD which is suitable for cutting, folding and deep drawing processes and provides a press force of up to 300 tons. The model PHCB is a hydraulic press for simple jobs. It is equipped with a pressure regulator and an independent course. The PHCG can be produced with a useful supporting table. The press PHCG is manufactured with a rotary table. It provides a high productivity and moreover a maximum of safety, because the power supply is located beyond the pressing area. PHCS´s “big sister” is the efficient double press model PHCDB. Just as efficient as the c-frame model PHCDG which is equipped with two rotary tables.

The HIDRALMAC Catalogue

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