HIDRALMAC column presses

Column presses provide the lion’s share of HIDRALMAC production. If you favour less weight without forfeiting stability, these models may be your solution.

Another advantage is the high removability of press components. Technicians can easily disassemble the machine in one place and rebuild it again in another place. That enables trouble-free transportation. Therefore in the event of long distance transportation of heavy presses or container transportation we would recommend these models. Since the transportation and installation of presses normally causes substantial costs, a column press often provides an attractive alternative.

Hydraulic column presses offer lots of advantages

Column presses offer so much more than only easy and convenient transport. These models win over with accessibility from every side. Thus these models provide a solution for companies who have to change their tools several times during the process. It is also a good choice for working with heated tools. Thanks to the open design the heat can escape easily.

HIDRALMAC manufactures column presses up to a speed level of 450 mm per second, which can be automatized easily.
The most common type of this press is the 4-column press. You will find all of our models on the right side.

The HIDRALMAC Catalogue

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